We are a 100% volunteer organization and we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Donations may be tax exempt according to your financial status.

These are some of the ways we help the kids:

  • Backpack Buddies provides food on the weekends.  Teachers and school administrators identify the children in need.
  • Book bag filled with school supplies when school starts.
  • A week’s worth of clothing and a pair of shoes as needed.
  • Blankets and sleeping bags to provide warmth in the winter due to lack of heat.
  • Hygiene products
  • Winter coat, hat and gloves
  • Reading books
  • Birthday cake (made & donated by volunteers)
  • Easter baskets (packaged & donated by volunteers & organizations)
  • Gifts at Christmastime (donated by volunteers & organizations)

Backpack Buddies

Research shows that hungry children have poorer mental and overall health, miss more days of school, suffer greater rates of behavioral disorders and are less prepared to learn when they are in school.

During the 2004 school year, Backpack Buddies was piloted and distributed food to approximately 300 children every Friday.   After a successful first year, Backpack Buddies is now well into its twelfth year and has expanded the program from three to 29 schools!

We are now making and delivering almost 3,000 food packs per week!

With goals of helping to eliminate these life-changing effects of the children in Horry County, Backpack Buddies supplies participating schools with nutritious, child-friendly, self-serve food designed to put in a backpack and feed a child over the weekend.

We have experienced so much success with the backpack program and have seen tremendous strides in the lives of our children. Parents have expressed their appreciation and it is so exciting to see the faces of the children when their backpacks are given to them…it is a phenomenal thing to witness.

We have seen changes in both attitudes and work habits – what a difference this program has made.

Our Story

After Hurricane Hugo in 1989, three women set out to do a little volunteer work to help out. Immediately they were horrified to find so many children on the back roads of Horry County who did not have the basic necessities of life much less any extras like school supplies, new clothes and shoes.

We came to realize that keeping kids in school and not being hungry was the most important thing we could do to help. We started our Backpack Buddy program that feeds almost 3,000 children a week in 29 Horry County schools. Our volunteers are committed to doing all that we can to help them…